Heat retention ventilation

About This Project

We specialise in the installation of heat retention ventilation in older properties – from single room to multiple room solutions. Heat retention ventilation provides a healthier living environment and energy efficiency as up to 90% of otherwise lost heat is recovered back into the property.

In older properties the combination of reducing ventilation by blocking off unused fireplaces, installing double glazing and draught proofing measures while at the same time increasing the need for ventilation by installing washing machines, dryers, showers and so on has resulted in an increase in mould and condensation problems. Heat retention ventilation provides a solution to these problems.

Heat retention units operate continuously, alternating between extract and supply modes. In extract mode, the unit’s ceramic heat exchanger is warmed from the outgoing air. The incoming air is in turn warmed by the heat exchanger. Units can be installed in pairs to provide greater ventilation effectiveness through a property.

Installation of a single room heat retention unit is usually completed in less than a day. A multi-room installation typically takes 1-2 days. We offer a range of guarantees and a servicing arrangement covering installation of heat retention units.

We offer a range of guarantees covering the installation of heat recovery units.

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