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  • The guarantee is transferrable should the property be sold, subject to it being re-registered in the new owner’s name within 28 days of the change of ownership. A new guarantee certificate should be issued in the new owner’s name on payment of the re-registration fee (current fee available on request).
  • Guarantee conditions: 1. All correspondence relating to our guarantee must be by e-mail or in writing to our head office. 2. Only the person named as the property owner can claim on this guarantee or be beneficiary of any rights it confers. 3. Abbott Property Care Ltd.’s maximum guarantee liability is limited to the original cost of the work (index linked). Abbott Property Care Ltd reserve the right to make a financial settlement for a validated claim rather than carrying out further remedial work. 4. We reserve the right not to correspond with third parties or agents. 5. We reserve the right to re-inspect any treatment or installation before agreeing to the transfer of a guarantee and decline any guarantee transfer. 6. All required servicing of ventilation units and sump pumps has been carried out by ourselves within 4 weeks of the due date. 7. By accepting the transfer of this guarantee, the new beneficiary agrees to all terms and conditions under which the guarantee was originally issued and any additional conditions imposed in writing by ourselves as a condition of the guarantee transfer. 8. Re-decoration has not been undertaken within six months of the stated completion date other than a single coat of water based matt emulsion paint a minimum of 4 weeks from the completion of the re-plastering work. 9. All recommendations and conditions set out in our survey report (when a report has been issued), quotation or any other documentation provided (including our ‘Information, Terms and Conditions’ sheet) have been complied with. 10. In the case of dry rot treatment, the guarantee covers a reoccurrence of dry rot starting in the treated area only. Dry rot spreading from areas not treated by ourselves is not covered by our guarantee. 11. The treatment or installation has not been damaged or interfered with in any way. 12. We reserve the right to make a charge payable in advance for carrying out a guarantee claim assessment, only refunding the charge if the claim is validated. 13. This guarantee does not impose on Abbott Property Care Limited any liability for direct or indirect consequential loss or damage arising from any breakdown of guaranteed work due to negligence or otherwise including but not limited to loss of data, damage to equipment/ furniture/carpets, loss of earnings/profit, loss of business/goodwill or re-decoration/retiling costs. 14. Claims can only be considered if all relevant documentation is provided. This includes the original guarantee certificate and documentation identifying the treatment areas (photocopies are not acceptable). 15. Structural waterproofing (‘tanking’) work following damp proof course installation is not covered by this guarantee unless it is carried out by ourselves. Structural water proofing work carried out by others must comply with our specification or our damp proof course guarantee will be invalidated. 16. Re-plastering work carried out by other contractors following damp proof course installation must utilise the RendX system. 17. We do not guarantee the work of contractors or others not directly instructed by ourselves. 18. The validity of this guarantee is subject to the owner of the property providing written notice to Abbott Property Care Limited within three months of the date when a problem with the treatment or installation would have been suspected by a person acting in a reasonably diligent manner. If the owner of the property is not in full time occupation of the property, they must take responsibility for inspections of the treated areas at reasonable intervals (e.g. quarter-yearly). 19. The terms of this guarantee should not be considered to affect the holder’s statutory rights.
  • All correspondence relating to our guarantee should be by e-mail to [email protected]